High-Efficiency Propulsion Bundle


The best solution for maximum flight time.

Now shipping internationally!

Up to 2.5lbs payload capacity for your FireFLY6!


  • Tiger MT3506 motors (set of 6)
  • Castle Creations MR 25A ESCs (set of 6)
  • Custom motor mounts for MT3506 compatibility (set of 12)


  • 10x4.5 APC MR Props (set of 3), or similar
  • 10x4.5 APC MRP Props (set of 3), or similar
  • Set of APC adapter rings (E), LPAR06E (only required if using APC MR/MRP props)
  • Six-inch servo extensions (set of 6)
  • 6S-capable BEC (Castle Creations BEC Pro recommended)

This propulsion system is intended for use on 6S power. See the related Product Alert on our Manuals page for more details.

International customers are responsible for any import charges assessed at delivery, which may include VAT.


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