Pre-order your FireFLY6 PRO today!  Shipping to pre-order customers by August 31st.

Interested in what makes the FireFLY6 PRO the best choice for professional aerobot operators?

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Gimbaled GoPro HERO4 and Gimbaled FLIR Vue shipping to US locations only.

* Additional payload options can be found on our Payloads page, as well as a list of future offerings on our Coming Soon! page.

** Long Range Video Link package includes TBS Unify 800mW transmitter, TBS Groundstation with Yagi antenna, and ground station battery with charger. Plug-n-play with your FireFLY6 PRO!

*** Upgraded Battery Charging System includes 30A power supply and Hitec X2-400 high-amp multicharger for fast charging of a set of flight batteries, indoors or outdoors.

International customers are responsible for any import charges assessed at delivery, which may include VAT.


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