AvA Mapping Key


Feature-rich custom VTOL firmware, providing powerful, fully autonomous single controller operation of the FireFLY6 with a focus on mapping missions.

AvA controls the FireFLY6 through all flight regimes: hover, forward flight, and transition.  The AvA Mapping Key is the best choice for those who are looking to apply the FireFLY6 in productive mapping missions.

The AvA Mapping Key unlocks Stabilize, AltHold, RTL, Land, Loiter, Auto, and Guided modes as well as distance-based and on-command camera triggering functionality.

FireFLY6 Planner provides a FireFLY6-specific flight planning tool for mapping missions as well as simple image georeferencing functionality, allowing you to quickly plan and execute missions that produce georeferenced images that can be easily fed into a number of map-stitching software packages/solutions.

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