Who the heck are you guys?
BirdsEyeView Aerobotics is a startup company based in Andover, New Hampshire, founded by an aerospace engineer from North Carolina.  Live Free or Die, y’all!  Our focus is on the emerging consumer/commercial aerobotics market and we pride ourselves on a commitment to refreshing innovation, high quality product offerings, and a relentless push-the-envelope mentality. 

What the heck is an aerobot?
An aerobot is a flying robot for everyday people.  Some call them “drones.”  We don’t as a rule.

Why “FireFLY6”?
We may or may not admit to being huge fans of one Malcolm Reynolds.  But seriously, there’s no question that “we aim to misbehave.”  Although the FireFLY6 design did go through several iterations (at the moment we’re at Mark III Version 10 to give you an idea), there haven’t been five “FireFLYs” before this one.  It’s just a cool wordplay on the Y6 multicopter configuration at the core of the FireFLY6.

What’s the flight time?
Assuming that hover is limited to takeoff and landing (standard VTOL operations)...
Our FireFLY6 DIY product is capable of 25 minutes average hybrid flight, depending on your choice of payload.
Our FireFLY6 PRO product is equipped with endurance upgrades, including an expanded battery bay, resulting in average hybrid flight times of 43-50 minutes with payload.

What battery should I use?
The FireFLY6 PRO comes equipped with two Turnigy Multistar High Capacity 6S 5200mAh batteries, and you can click here to purchase extra batteries.
For the FireFLY6 DIY, we recommend the Turnigy Multistar High Capacity 3S 5200mAh battery in 142x49x22mm form factor (important!).  Any 3S battery in that form factor (or smaller) will work, but remember that you'll need two per flight and you may need to replace the stock battery connectors with FireFLY6-compatible Deans/T-connectors.

What map stitching software do you recommend?
The short answer is that we're agnostic on this, and so is the FireFLY6 PRO by extension.  When paired with a mapping payload, the FireFLY6 PRO system produces geo-referenced imagery that can be fed into the post-processing solution of your choice, without preference to cloud or local processing options.  We offer Pix4D products as optional add-ons to the FireFLY6 PRO and we'll do everything we can to support your use of them should you choose to purchase through us.