FireFLY6 DIY with AvA Onboard:

IMPORTANT:  Remember to email the KEY_PID along with your order confirmation to (see the FireFLY6 with AvA Onboard Manual for details).

AvA 1.2 Running on PX4hawk:
FireFLY6 Planner 1.2.3
AvA 1.2 Firmware
AvA/FireFLY6 Planner Release Notes
FireFLY6 AvA Parameter File (DIY 15 / PowerPACK)
FireFLY6 AvA Parameter File (DIY 25 / High-Efficiency Propulsion Bundle)

Confirmed Radios:  Any 7+ channel radio (Note: for PX4hawk compatibility, a PPM Encoder is required for systems without a SBUS/CPPM receiver output)


FireFLY6 DIY with Bridge Transition Assistant:

Confirmed Hover Controllers:

Note: Hover controller required

DJI Naza-M Lite, firmware v1.00:
DJI Windows Drivers
Naza-M Lite Assistant Software v1.00
FireFLY6 Naza-M Lite Parameter File (PowerPACK)
FireFLY6 Naza-M Lite Parameter File (High-Efficiency Propulsion Bundle)

DJI Naza-M V1, firmware v2.02
DJI Windows Drivers
Naza-M V1 Assistant Software v1.8
FireFLY6 Naza-M V1 Parameter File (PowerPACK)

APM:Copter 3.1.5 running on PX4hawk:
Mission Planner
FireFLY6 PX4hawk Hover Parameter File (PowerPACK)
FireFLY6 PX4hawk Hover Parameter File (High-Efficiency Propulsion Bundle)


Confirmed Forward Flight Controllers:

Note: Forward flight controller optional

APM:Plane 2.78b or 3.0.3 running on APM 2.7 or PX4hawk:
Mission Planner
FireFLY6 APM 2.6 Parameter File
FireFLY6 PX4hawk Forward Flight Parameter File

Eagle Tree Vector 
FireFLY6 Vector Configuration File


Confirmed Radios:

FrSky Taranis (Preferred radio)
Taranis Configuration Zip File

Futaba 14SG (Preferred radio)
FireFLY6 14SG Model File

Spektrum DX9 (Preferred radio)
FireFLY6-DX9 Model File (zipped)

Spektrum D8
FireFLY6-DX8 Model File (zipped)

Spektrum DX7S
FireFLY6-DX7S Model File (zipped)