SlantRange 4P+


Interchangeable plug-n-play payload for the FireFLY6 PRO with the SlantRange 4P+ sensor on a custom mount. Includes a quick release adapter for simple installation and removal.

The 4P+ has six narrow spectral bands to isolate key markers of evolving plant health condition while delivering true color RGB for the ever-important value of human visual context. Information value is created through an engineered balance of spatial and spectral resolution with spectral diversity.

Sub-centimeter measurements are changing the concept of digital farming. The 4P+ can measure individual plant size and shape to enable new classes of intelligent analytics.

Click here for general information and specifications of the 4P+ sensor.

FireFLY6 PRO Capabilities*:
Flight Time: 54min
Coverage: 400 acres at 4.9 cm/pixel from 400 ft altitude

*Assumes hover limited to takeoff/landing (standard VTOL ops), near sea level, landing initiation at 21.6 volts using custom FireFLY6 PRO LiHV batteries, and 20% sidelap

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