AvA (Advanced VTOL Autonomy) is flight control firmware, designed for the PX4hawk autopilot, that gracefully handles the FireFLY6 in all regimes – takeoff to landing.  Flight mode transitions from hover to forward flight (and back) are fully AvA-controlled, making transitions a simple matter of flicking a switch.  No special radio programming or piloting techniques required.

AvA also enables fully-scripted autonomous operations, where all flight behavior (including transitions) can be pre-planned using map-based point-and-click commands in our custom interface, FireFLY6 Planner.

Tailored specifically to the FireFLY6, AvA also offers industry-leading functionality like Smart Wind Assist (providing incredibly reliable auto landings and improved hover stability in even the most windy conditions) and Boat Mode (allowing takeoffs from non-stationary platforms).

AvA is available in three different flavors, defined by your choice of key.  AvA keys unlock different levels of functionality, each level aimed at a specific user group: Sport, Pro, and Mapping.

For additional details on AvA and FireFLY6 Planner, see our associated product announcement.