FireFLY6 Demonstrates 45min Flight Time

We promised an exciting announcement regarding propulsion, and we like to deliver on our promises.

We recently demonstrated a 45 minute flight duration using a propulsion system based on the T-Motor MT3506 motor. This was accomplished using four Multistar 5200mAh 3S batteries, with a total flight weight of 3712 grams. The 45 minute, 20 second flight was achieved with the batteries recharging at 80% capacity, meaning that upwards of 55 minutes is possible using this propulsion system. When updating our previous range analysis with a conservative flight time of 45 minutes, we find that the FireFLY6 is capable of nearly six times the ground range of common off-the-shelf multicopter solutions. Such results should be of particular interest to those who are looking to apply the FireFLY6 in mapping, search & rescue, and agriculture, among other productive missions, particularly when combined with our autonomy and gimbal demonstrations.

This new propulsion system is a 30-minute-standard system with up-to-60-minute potential, in comparison to the sport-focused PowerPACK which is a 15-minute-standard system with up-to-35-minute potential. We're working hard to offer this as an off-the-shelf alternative to the PowerPACK for those who are interested in building a FireFLY6 for endurance applications rather than sport flying ... but for now, a prerelease version of this high-efficiency propulsion system is available on ready-to-fly birds via our new BuildSERVICE.

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